ConnCORP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ConnCAT was created with the express purpose and intention of re-shaping the New Haven urban landscape in order to provide greater economic opportunity for more New Haven area residents. Among various initiatives pursued by ConnCORP in furtherance of this objective, ConnCORP is currently focused on revitalizing the Dixwell-Newhallville neighborhood in the Northern region of New Haven. The Dixwell Avenue neighborhood is a historic African-American neighborhood which possesses a dynamic cultural history – It was once considered the ‘Black Broadway’ of New Haven.

With support from the City of New Haven as well as the local Dixwell-Newhallville community leadership and members, ConnCORP has created a comprehensive vision and plan to transform Dixwell Plaza and restore this important development site to its rightful status as the commercial hub and economic lifeblood of the Dixwell-Newhallville neighborhood. The project will be referred to as: ConnCAT Place at Dixwell to acknowledge ConnCAT’s role as the impetus and anchor tenant of the project while also paying homage to the historic significance of Dixwell Avenue within the New Haven African-American community.

The 300,000+ square-foot development program of ConnCAT Place at Dixwell will include a diverse cross-section of uses to deliver a vibrant, high-quality, compelling, and sustainable mixed-use environment that will not only transform Dixwell Plaza but will serve to catalyze transformation throughout the entire Dixwell Avenue corridor and adjacent neighborhoods. ConnCORP has assembled a highly qualified team of professionals to support and implement the visioning, planning, and execution of the ConnCAT Place at Dixwell development plan led by RJ Development & Advisors LLC, which has been retained as Developer by ConnCORP. The total project costs are estimated to be approximately $165M.